The Miller Brother's '26 Model "TT" Ford

Serial # 14577510

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 In August / September 2003, just after the heat wave and before hurricane Isabel, we decided the old TT needed a little more work. We removed the hogshead, replaced the old transmission band linings with Kevlar, recharged the magneto coils with a few 36V jolts, changed the brake pedal and replaced all the transmission gaskets. (It leaks more now than it did before we started. LOL) We also installed a pair of Rocky Mountain brakes and replaced all of the oil pan bolts and installed "O" rings. (They worked great!) After an oil change the old TT got a new magnetized drain plug and new gasket.

Ron Patterson "The Coil Man" had been holding our original wooden coils to see the outcome of our magneto recharge before he tuned them up and mailed them back. The rebuilt coils worked great. It runs now on magneto without any problems.

The exhaust system got an update too. We installed an exhaust whistle, sandblasted the exhaust pipe and muffler and painted them with high temperature black paint. It smoked a little when we first started it up but the black color looks a lot better than the old rust.

One more adventure to tell about. While we were in the process of installing the Rocky Mountain brakes we had trouble removing the right rear wheel. In an effort to break it loose, we backed off the retaining nut and went out for a ride trying to get it to pop loose. After cutting the steering wheel so hard the TT lifted about 2" off of the ground, we decided to give up on that idea. We parked the TT in the driveway and pondered the next move. When we went to start it up we noticed a dead short in the ignition. Our homemade wiring for the 12V backup got pinched between the emergency brake / clutch gismo and shorted. After about two hours of rewiring we had it running again. Needless to say the wires are tucked away safely now!

We did get the wheel off finally, thanks to Mark Golding of Mt. Pleasant PA who mailed us the correct wheel puller for the job. With the right tools you can fix anything!

RMB1.jpg RMB2.jpg brakelinkage.jpg equalizer.jpg
Rocky Mountain Brakes
external view
Rocky Mountain Brakes
from the other side
Rocky Mountain Brakes
Linkage - Pedal to Equalizer
Rocky Mountain Brakes
The Equalizer

equal_whistle.jpg frontview.jpg sideview.jpg more.jpg
The exhaust whistle
and brake equalizer
New picture of the truck New picture of the truck
More to come

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