The Miller Brother's '26 Model "TT" Ford

Serial # 14577510

 Last year, my brother Jeff and I purchased a rough but restoreable '26 closed cab "TT", sans bed, for restoration. After a slow start, we are making some progress. Unfortunately the rear of the cab was rusted out. We opted to sell the doors (very restoreable), chop the cab at the cowl/windshield line,saving this section for rebuild, and junk the rest. We have built a new wooden cab to meld with the steel cowl and windshield. The express bed followed. Your suggestions, comments, advice or general ramblings will be greatly appreciated.

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transit1.jpg transit2.jpg home.jpg bfront.jpg
Loading the "TT"
for the trip home
"TT" Loaded, and
ready to go (Ed)
Arrived safely. "TT"
in garage at home (Ed and Jeff)
Front view before
bmotor.jpg bfloor.jpg bframe.jpg stripped.jpg
Motor before
Interior before
Let's take it apart Where do all of
these parts go?
bwheel.jpg DSCF0029.jpg DSCF0024.jpg DSCF0031.jpg
The old wheels Updated wheel Updated motor Updated interior (it's
a Chevy transmission)
DSCF0030.jpg DSCF0027.jpg cowl1.jpg cowl2s.jpg (24049 bytes)
A low view of the
update front end (Jeff)
Updated frame, engine,
etc. (Jeff)
Rebuilt cowl and
Windshield (front view)
Rebuilt cowl and
Windshield (rear view)

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